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OUR PURPOSE: To Care deeply about people, helping them to eat well and be happy.


Introducing Our New Ravitz Family Markets Wellness Team


Interview with Ashley

What High School did you attend?
Lenape High School

Where are you from?
Mount Laurel

Favorite fruit or vegetable?
Raspberries & Eggplant

What made you interested into focusing your career in the health and food profession?
Well I always thought that I wanted to be a teacher but had an interest in the medical and health field. So I then came across registered dietitians, did some research and felt it was a perfect mix of both teaching and health. And I was always active and into trying healthy foods so becoming a dietitian worked out perfectly.

If you had to pick one other profession outside of health and food what would you see yourself doing?
Wedding planner (laughs). Specifically a destination wedding planner.

By dealing with your first pregnancy what is the number one thing you miss eating or doing?
Sushi. Love sushi. And a really good turkey sandwich.

While pregnant have you discovered any new recipes or items that you feel you would not have tried otherwise?
I used to take red onions off my sandwiches and salads and now I add them to everything (laughs), the more the better.
What made you try it?
I was at Saladworks, saw it and said to myself that I need to have that and that was it. Been enjoying it ever since and also banana peppers. Same scenario.

With being in this field and working with mothers all the time what do you feel has been the biggest nutritional advancement mothers have today for their children that our parents did not have for us?
There are more packaged and processed foods now than 30 years ago and our lifestyles are much busier. Fresh & homemade food is always best, but I see a lot of parents that have a hard time with balancing busy schedules and healthy meals. In the past couple of years I feel that it has gotten easier to find some healthier packaged or prepared foods that are using less and/or more natural ingredients. These can be a great resource for busy families to make a balanced meal when fresh and homemade may not be an option. And also packaged snacks have gotten a little more fun and convenient for kids to enjoy, such as the squeezable 100% fruit packs.

As a teenager or child what was the one bad snack you indulged in that you hope your future child does not?
Cookies and ice cream after school. Like not even for dessert, as I’m okay with that in moderation but I had cookies and ice cream almost every day as a teenager after school when my parents weren’t around (laughs).

I know you love going out to eat so where is your favorite local restaurant and item off that menu?
Lately I recently went to Harvest, the new restaurant in the Moorestown Mall and had their salmon BLT. Was amazing–
Well that’s a new place. What has been your go to place?
It was sushi for a while but ohh, Indian food, I love Inde Blue or Indiya in Collingswood.

You helped bring in a number of new healthy items to our locations. What has been the biggest success of people taking home and trying?
For those that have celiac disease, bringing in gluten free products has been really successful and if there’s one customer that requests one product there are a lot of others that want it too or would at least try it.

You have been active and studying in the nutrition for 13 years and have been with your husband for over 9 years. Do you feel your husband could easily pass a nutrition exam in college?
Much more now than 9 years ago (laughs)
What course you feel he could pass easily?
Nutrition 101, very basic. Actually he would be better at telling people what to eat since I hear him repeating what I tell others. Makes me happy!

Joking aside do you feel that the biggest challenge for an individual to eat healthier is having a significant other that won’t? And what ways or tricks have you seen work or not work for others?
It definitely makes it a lot harder and finding a common ground while they are at home is important. People get frustrated trying to figure that out themselves. So when they come talk to me or another dietitian we can help them discover that happy medium for them. So it may not be having all vegetables every day, but having just one vegetable a meal and building up from there.

What has been your biggest success story that you helped someone achieve while working with us?
I have one customer who has lost over 150 pounds during the two and a half years I have been here. Along with doing that her health has improved as well. While we no longer meet on a regular basis, it’s great that she keeps me up to date and knows she can always reach me for a quick question or support.

Names for your baby? And would be okay with us creating a poll for readers to vote and decide the name of your baby?
(laughs) We already have a name – Nora Beth Cully.


AmyGflyerInterview with Amy

What High School did you attend? Lower Merion HS – Ardmore 2007

What area were you raised in? Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

What is Your Favorite fruit and vegetable? Granny Smith Apples & Brussel Sprouts

What is your least favorite meal to prepare but your favorite meal to enjoy? I really love making my own soups – butternut squash soup, winter minestrone, 3 bean chili. Depending on the recipe they can be really time consuming and a lot of prep work, but it’s always worth it in the end.

I have learned that you are a passionate sports fan. What has been your favorite sports moment thus far? During the Flyers 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs run I went to Game 3. It was the year they came back from 3-0 down against the Bruins so there was so much excitement over this being the teams year. The Flyers were down 2-0 in the series against the Blackhawks. Game 3 was at home and it was so exciting the be in the arena. They ended up winning the game in overtime, and it was just an awesome experience being there even though they later lost the series.

So why did you become a dietitian? Picky eater growing up and slowly turned into a food lover of all kinds. Add that with my love of science being a dietitian quickly became a combination of all the things that sparked my interest.

What is your favorite item that we specifically carry? I always go to the produce section – we always have a great selection of fruits and vegetables.

I see that you spent a good time in South Africa. What is the one moment or thing that you took away from your time in South Africa? When I was in South Africa I was able to not only site see, but see and spend time with different non profits that are working the address the health concerns of the country. Some of the biggest experiences that remained with me were seeing children who were suffering from severe malnutrition and related diseases. It’s nothing I had seen in my dietetics work in the U.S. but saw many times over while there.

You already visited 4 out of the 7 Continents. What is the next one you plan to visit? My goal is to go to South America next. I really want to go to Machu Picchu in Peru, I’ve heard it’s spectacular.

When a person visits you for a consultation what is the one thing that you enjoy about it? I like really when clients come to realize at eating healthy isn’t this super complicated thing- it’s a lifestyle they can really maintain and not some mythical equation that they need to understand.

Follow Amy on Instagram at @AmyDietitian

KristinaSFlyer Interview with Kristina

What High School did you attend? Central HS

Where are you from? North East Philly the section known as Fox Chase

Favorite fruit and vegetable? Strawberries & Asparagus

Favorite meal that a family member makes? Stuffed Green Peppers with ground turkey rice, onions and tomato sauce. My mother makes them and they are amazing.

Favorite thing to do on a day off? I really enjoy being outdoors, especially when the weather begins getting warmer like it is getting now. Hiking is one of my favorite things to do outside, and Valley Green, a hiking trail in Chestnut Hill is one of my favorite places to go. I love going with a good group of friends, we usually spend the day hiking and will pack food to have a picnic after all of our hard work on the trails.

Why did you become a dietitian? The first job that I ever had was at a bakery. I had never been much of a sweets person, but working at a bakery definitely changed that. Prior to working at the bakery I was always the tiniest, skinniest girl, I never really worried about my weight at all. However, within the first couple months of working there, I began putting weight on like crazy. I was around all these fresh, delicious baked goods, and I would feast on them throughout the day without even thinking about it. Before I knew it, I was 20 pounds heavier! That’s when it clicked for me. Not all food is good for you, and the importance of doing everything in moderation. At this point I got into exercising and healthier eating habits, and noticed my weight begin to go down once again. This is when I decided that I wanted to help others realize the same thing that I realized while working at the bakery. Everything can be done with balance and moderation.

Your favorite item that we specifically carry? I am on an Avocado kick right now, so I have been buying them every chance I can get! There are so many cool recipes that you can make with avocados and I love trying out new ones.

Your least favorite day or routine to work out at the gym? I absolutely hate running, especially on the treadmill. I much rather lift weights while at the gym, and do my cardio outdoors.

Your top place to travel on your wish list? I have always wanted to visit Hawaii since I was a young child. I am very much a beach girl, and know that I would absolutely love the carefree lifestyle that the locals have.

One pet you wish you could have but can’t do to living in a residential area? Chickens.
Really? (laughs) yes, not caged of course. Wish I could have them in the back yard running around having fun. I live in Philadelphia, and we are not able to own chickens, but I have heard that fresh chicken eggs are absolutely delicious. I would love to wake up to fresh eggs each morning.

One very un-healthy snack that you transformed to be healthy? I am a huge fan of hot wings, they are probably one of my favorite foods. Recently, I made a healthier version with cauliflower. I made a healthier batter and hit sauce, covered the cauliflower florets with it, and baked them in the oven. When they were done I served them with a side of yogurt based blue cheese dressing and celery. Boy were they delicious, and my entire family approved!

What is the one thing that you look forward to with meeting someone for a free consultation? Honestly, I looked forward to helping someone realize how easy it can be to live and follow a healthier lifestyle and diet. I think a lot of times people can get very overwhelmed and give up because of that. I want to make sure that that won’t happen on my watch.

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