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OUR PURPOSE: To Care deeply about people, helping them to eat well and be happy.


The Ravitz Family Foundation is a non-profit, 501-C-3, private foundation. Every day, we receive requests from local organizations for charitable donations. In the past, requests have varied from funding after school programs to summer field trips for needy children to aiding families who may not be able to provide sufficient shelter for themselves. Grants are issued, by the Ravitz Family Foundation, to those organizations and causes who request for financial support best meet the “mission” Doris and Stanley Ravitz created in 1996.

Currently, the Chairman of the Board of the Ravitz Family Foundation is Steve Ravitz. Under Steven’s direction, we have “spread our wings” and been able to “touch the lives” of more people in the South Jersey area than ever before. In fact, during the last four years, we have been able to grant money to more than thirty local charitable organizations, religious groups, schools, and members of our community in need.