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OUR PURPOSE: To Care deeply about people, helping them to eat well and be happy.


In preparing fresh foods, our staff is always thinking about whether the meals are delicious enough for their own dinner tables. Our kitchens provide superior quality salads, sandwiches, and meals, while our breads, pastries, and cakes are baked fresh each day. Our mission is to provide busy customers with convenient and tasty options at affordable prices.

A Sampling of Our Signature Items:

-Stevie Sticky Buns- Named for our owner, these sweet rolls are rolled with pecans, raisins and a gooey cinnamon sugar topping. A great dessert or brunch item!

-Smoked Fish Trays- A signature staple item for Jewish holidays, our poached and smoked fish trays are a colorful addition to any table.

-Jewish Apple Cakes: As flavorful and sweet as your bubbe’s recipe, chunks of cinnamon apples are nestled in moist coffee cakes.

– Focaccia- This Italian-inspired flatbread is baked fresh with a variety of toppings such as parmesan cheese, tomatoes, peppers, and onions.

– Pepperoni Bread- Topped with thin slices of this Italian pepperoni and cheese, this bread is made fresh in our stores each day.

– Philly Fluff Cake: The faint tang of sour cream accents every crumb of this moist and tender pound cake.

– Cannoli: The crunchy shells of these Sicilian desserts are filled to order with creamy ricotta cheese.

– Patisserie: Our bakery shelves are filled with a variety of beautifully-crafted cakes and desserts.

– Celebrate with a Cake: Our custom cakes can be made with a variety of rich fillings, icings, and cake flavors and topped with designs that are a hit at any party!



– Store Baked Meats- Our stores prepare a selection of sliced meats ranging from juicy roast beef to sweet honey ham. Satisfying ingredients for any sandwich!

– Rotisserie Chicken: A healthy short cut for home cooks, our chicken comes in a variety of sizes including breast and leg quarter cuts.  

– Cole Slaw, Macaroni, and Potato Salads: Made fresh in our stores from recipes perfectly balanced to compliment any meal. 

– Store-Made Sandwiches- Sandwiches and hoagies are prepared to order with the toppings, meats, cheeses, and breads that best suit your taste buds.

– Olive and Salad Bars- Create your own salad from a variety of freshly cut and prepared vegetables. Add a taste of the Mediterranean with stuffed olives, sun dried tomatoes and roasted garlics.