Ravitz Cares Commitee

The Cares committee was created in 2006 when our President, Steve Ravitz, brought together a group of our store employees and asked them which charities would they want the company to support.  With this simple question, the Cares committee was created.  The Cares committee is a group consisting of Store and Corporate employees.  The Cares committee coordinates our charitable efforts at the stores by holding store events and collecting money through soliciting donations at the registers.   Since its inception in 2006, the Cares committee has collected over $1,500,000 for local charities such as Yellow Ribbon Club of South Jersey, Operation Yellow Ribbon, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation, Ronald Mc Donald House, Animal Welfare Association and Make a Wish just to name a few.  Local Charitable organizations are encouraged to reach out to the Cares committee to get nominated for a month of collections. To find out more about our charitable giving please refer to our fundraising guide on the right.